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About us

IRBIS d.o.o. is a family business that has been present on the market for more than 30 years. Our business activity includes the production of professional cleaning products and supply of products for hygiene in facilities. Our offer includes products of different quality and price classes with which we are able to maximally adapt to the requirements and needs of our customers.

In the company IRBIS d.o.o. the many years of experience on the field of hygiene closely interweave with the needs of customers, resulting in individually tailored systems of hygiene that ensure perfect hygiene of facilities and simple and economical maintenance of cleanness. In order to ensure the appropriate level of hygiene, both the use of suitable products and adequate knowledge are needed, therefore we offer the customers all the products needed to maintain the hygiene in one place and our consultants in the field of sanitary engineering provide the necessary training for cleaning personnel. With the systems of hygiene, the use of suitable products and the qualified cleaning personnel we provide our customers with a professional approach at maintaining hygiene in accordance with the hygiene standards and excellent control over the costs.

We take care of the environment and sustainable development and we are socially responsible.

It is the vision of our company to listen to the needs of users as much as possible in order to develop and to provide them with high-quality products and to help them with our professional approach, knowledge and experiences  to set up and maintain effective systems of hygiene that allow excellent control over the costs.


The history & the present time & the foresight

The company was founded on August 15, 1990. We worked in the ancillary rooms of the family house, producing and selling only two products in boutique quantities. After initial years that were characterized by problems typical for all starting companies we moved in 1992 to our present location and expanded our production and sales program. In the years that followed, we invested in new equipment, new production capacities and storage facilities and added more and more new products of our own development to our offer. The year 2008 was a turning point for us. We developed a completely new, current line of products IRBIS Professional Hygiene and at the same time invested in new facilities and in the first completely automated filling line. By today we register a constant grow, we expand the range of our loyal partners and countries in which our products are present, we develop new products and we take care of perfect hygiene at our customers. In 2015, at the occasion of 25th anniversary of the company we renewed the corporate image of the company. In this year, 2020, when we celebrate 30 years, we started with the project of construction of completely new business production facilities - 3000 m2 of modern, safe, ecological surfaces on the 9.000 m2 parcel in Ilirska Bistrica industrial zone. When the project is completed and our company is moved to a new location, we will be modernized with completely automated production, our own solar and thermal energy and automatic logistics. The foreseen capacity of new production is 140.000 kg of products … daily! In 1990, the only equipment in our production was a 100-liter mixing container and a primitive mixer. We believe that we will be able to completely meet this currently unimaginable capacity in the foreseeable future.


Important events::

1992 - the company moved to new premises at the present location
1994 - the production was equipped with the first mixing containers and filling devices, monthly production was 3.000 kg of products at that time
1998 - the company exported its products for the first time
2000 - a new warehouse for dangerous chemicals was built
2005 - purchase of additional business premises at the company location; new design of labels and packaging
2008 - a completely new line of products for professional cleaning was developed, including the products for machine washing-up; monthly production was 11.000 kg at that time
2009 - it was started with the sale of new products, an additional storage hall was built, an automated production line with an annual capacity of 2.000.000 kg was purchased
2011-2012 - investment in new storage facilities
2014 - a parcel with 9000 m2 for new business premises in Ilirska Bistrica industrial zone was purchased
2015 - the 25th anniversary of the company, new corporate image, including the company logo and design of packaging and labels
2017-2018 - investment in a new mixing plant and material warehouse and increase of storage capacities
2017 - new business unit CleanIN was opened in Ljubljana
2020 - a foundation stone for new business premises at the 30th anniversary of the company