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Single-use plastics is forbiden

Plastic products now

On 3 July 2021, when the EU Regulation (2019/904) prohibiting the use of certain single-use plastic products enters into force, we will no longer be allowed to use the following products:

  • plastic dish cutlery for single use (forks, knives, spoons) - the ban also applies to degradable CPLA utensils;
  • disposable plates (including PLA) and paper plates with PE coating;
  • mixing rods, co-orbs, mixing sticks
  • Single-use plastic straws (including PLA);
  • Cups, cups and containers EPS - styrofoam material

What can we use?

Reusable plates

  • Suitable for washing in the dishwasher, for a minimum of 125 washes
  • Unbreakable – compared to a traditional tableware of glass or porcelain
  • Compared to conventional single-use plastic materials, less CO2 emissions are released
  • Lighter than glass and porcelain – without heavy lifting

Plates and articles of paper | Cardboard

Natural-sourced paper provides a wide range of options from 100% natural paper to coated paper and offers an extremely favourable alternative solution that does not significantly affect the functionality of the container.


Wood is an environmentally friendly choice that is completely degradable and suitable for composting. Wood products are a superior alternative solution, as the material is 100% renewable.

Reusable products

Sustainable products and reusable containers are also available. They are made of PP materials suitable for recycling and are perfectly safe for use in the dishwasher as they carry a minimum of 125 washes. They are an excellent substitute for glass and porcelain as they are lighter and unbreakable.



Plastic and paper jars, including food containers with or without lids, which are intended for food transport remain on sale.  

Products containing plastics will be given a special label to separate them from products without plastic content; eventually these products will also be replaced with environmentally friendly ones.